Why Choose Us?

Our Mission

Our goal is to assist clients towards achievement of their commercial objectives through exceptional service in sourcing, manufacturing, quality assurance and corporate consulting.

One Partner for EVERYTHING

We help products get to market FAST. With our combined prototyping, engineering, manufacturing, and sourcing services we provide unrivaled efficiency, quality, and cost-competitiveness.

Our Facilities

We have our North American headquarters in Reno, NV and Asia headquarters in Hong Kong. We operate a number of other facilities in China and Southeast Asia.

Our USA based facility in Reno NV houses a team of project managers and engineers to assist with all communications and oversight for our customers in North America.

Our strategic production center in Dongguan China provides access to the vast manufacturing and sourcing base of southern China. With access to the logistics centers of the Pearl River Delta and the financial hub of Hong Kong.

Western Owned

Western owned and managed, locally licensed, and staffed with 20 full time employees. A-One is ISO9001:2000 Certified By QA International.

Navigating local business environments for overseas production requires a knowledgeable partner committed to your long term interests.

With over a decade of experience in the region, A-ONE offers the strategic assistance you need, backed with a solid reputation for integrity and accountability.

Our diverse network of industry professionals incorporates a broad portfolio of sourcing, manufacturing, quality assurance, and corporate consulting services. Each is devoted to the effective assessment of time, cost and risk, associated with your goals. Working with a value-added partner serving your interests, is a critical asset for ensuring your success in overseas manufacturing..

A-ONE, our experience is your competitive advantage.