Manufacturing Services

A-ONE offers a unique solution to a well-known problem: how to develop a competitive manufacturing base while avoiding the pitfalls and hurdles presented in working with entities around the globe. We understand the mechanics of strategic procurement and have devoted our expertise in this area to successful and profitable partnerships worldwide.

Maintaining a highly developed network of specialized manufacturing partners in a wide variety of disciplines, we cover an extensive range of production venues in the electronics, automotive, medical industries.

A-ONE offers production support services, sourcing and total quality management.

Our portfolio of services include:

  • Injection Molding
  • CNC machining
  • Casting
  • Sheet Metal

We are able to provide the following manufacturing services:

  • Aluminum, Zinc, & Magnesium Diecast
  • Aluminum Gravity Casting & Sand Casting
  • Metal Forming & CNC
  • Aluminum & Steel Stamping & Forging
  • Plastic Injection
  • Injection Molds and Tooling
  • OEM Cable
  • Wire Harness Assembly
  • Precision Connectors
  • PCB Assembly & SMT
  • Cut-and-Sew Textiles
Whether you’re looking for a production quote or early-stage assessment, A-ONE can support your initiative.

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