Case Studies


Copper is a free and easy-to-install smart cable that replaces the existing cable connecting a client’s POS system to the receipt printer.

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Wayzn is a smart automatic door opener for pets. In minutes, you can convert your existing sliding door into an automatic pet door without any permanent damage or adjustments to your home.

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Eighteen-wheeler trailers kill more than 400 Americans, mostly children, every year when they’re left in reverse. When entrepreneur George Owens realized this danger, he set out to solve it.

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CoWorkr is a data-driven platform that utilizes sensors and a user-friendly design to measure and stream live seat and room occupancy with embedded privacy features.

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Brew Jacket

BrewJacket is a consumer, home-brewing device with commercial-grade controls of fermentation to create multiple types of alcoholic beverages. The device incorporates multiple add-ons and gadgets

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