Copper is a free and easy-to-install smart cable that replaces the existing cable connecting a client’s POS system to the receipt printer.


ClickBio is a biomedical company that sells specialized, lab products.


Wayzn is a smart automatic door opener for pets. In minutes, you can convert your existing sliding door into an automatic pet door without any permanent damage or adjustments to your home.


Eighteen-wheeler trailers kill more than 400 Americans, mostly children, every year when they’re left in reverse. When entrepreneur George Owens realized this danger, he set out to solve it.


CoWorkr is a data-driven platform that utilizes sensors and a user-friendly design to measure and stream live seat and room occupancy with embedded privacy features.

Brew Jacket

BrewJacket is a consumer, home-brewing device with commercial-grade controls of fermentation to create multiple types of alcoholic beverages. The device incorporates multiple add-ons and gadgets to create the perfect brews without the need for larger appliances like refrigerators. The BrewJacket team approached A-ONE for assistance in prototyping, manufacturing consultation, and Kickstarter campaigning.