The Team


A-ONE offers innovative services to clients setting up overseas production in China and Southeast Asia. Our unique approach to effective project management is the key to maintaining and achieving your commercial production objectives.Navigating the local business environment requires a knowledgeable partner committed to your long term interests.

As specialists in sourcing, engineering, manufacturing, quality assurance and corporate consulting; we provide a full portfolio of services tailored to your unique requirements and goals.

We are the seamless integrator of engineering and manufacturing for your global supply chain. Contact us to find out more about what the A-ONE “Partnership with Integrity” promise can mean for you.

Management Team


Robert Welt

A US citizen with 30 years of experience in Asia; specifically, Taiwan and China. Robert’s background is in purchasing, sales and finance. He is completely fluent in Mandarin Chinese and possesses a unique understanding of the intricacies of doing business in Asia.

Director of Business Development

Lorne Smith

A US citizen with over 20 years of experience in Asia. Lorne has a rich background in systems management and process control. With a 20 year history of IT system development and implementation, Lorne offers a very hands-on approach to project management and problem-solving.

General Manager

Diana Lee

A Taiwanese native with over 25 years of experience in finance, shipping and purchasing. Diana has held positions in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Holland. Her strengths are in overall management and business coordination.

United States Design & Engineering Team

Senior Project engineer

David Sharpe

A Tahoe native with experience working within a wide range of small and large companies bringing products through the development process. David’s experience in manufacturing brings a unique perspective to the team.

Senior Project Engineer

Michael Gilette

A Nevada local with a wide range of skill sets and intuition for design and prototyping. Michaels entrepreneurial background gives him a deep understanding of the ideation and development process.

Asia Manufacturing Team

Aidy Ye profile picture
Lead Systems ANalyst

Aidy Ye

Aidy has been working at A-ONE for more than 17 years leading system work, purchasing and customer service. She is a Guangdong native that is committed to helping customers solve problems.


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Logistics Manager

Apple Liao

With over 17 years of working as a quality engineer within electronics, Apple joined A-ONE in 2015 to manage shipment quality. She takes pride when A-ONE’s clients’ products are successfully manufactured and sent around the world.

Project manager

Chase Hu

Chase Hu is the project manager for casting, PCB and electronics with over 20 years experience of working background as sales, project management and engineering. Chase has comprehensive knowledge of manufacturing processes and materials, and can offer productive assistance and service throughout the whole project lifespan.

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Project manager

Cooper Wu

A reputable professional with 10 years of experience in project management, Cooper’s methodology incorporates proactive solutions to accomplish the end-client’s satisfaction.

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Quality Manager

Danny Long

Danny has been working at A-ONE as a casting quality technician for 3 years. His work at the Honda Automotive Engine Factory gave him experience in improving casting quality defect.

Richard Fang profile photo
Project Manager

Richard Fang

With over 12 years of project management in electronics and appliances, Richard’s role is to manage his team to assure timely and quality delivery,  assist the design team for design for manufacturing approval, and works with customers to draft Request for Quotations. 

Project Manager

Ruth Wang

Ruth has a bachelors degree in Mechatronics from Northeastern University. She has been working for A-ONE for 15 years within customer service, project management, quality auditing, and sourcing.

Project manager

Vincent Yi

Vincent coordinates with A-ONE’s Director of Business Development to assure communications between US clients and the Asian manufacturing team. He assists within quotation, engineering, sampling & production, ordering and shipping.