Design & Engineering Services

With a North America engineering team, A-ONE is equipped to be your partner in product development from prototyping through production. Since A-ONE provides design and manufacturing under one roof, A-ONE’s engineers will be thinking about how to manufacture your product at high volume from Day 1. Many companies face a rocky transition when they move from engineering to manufacturing; this is because their product was not “Designed for Manufacturing”. With A-ONE as your engineering partner, this will not be your experience. Your product will flow rapidly and smoothly through engineering, into production, into mass manufacturing. 

A-ONE offers a suite of product engineering services:

  • Rapid Feasibility Prototyping
  • Product Renderings
  • 3D modelling
  • Mechanical enclosure design
  • Electronics and PCB design
  • Mechatronics integration

Have a product concept, but not sure if it is feasible?

When a project is in the early concept stage, there are only small budgets available to validate its feasibility. A-ONE will assign a small engineering team to assess and create a working prototype of your concept. This prototype can then be used to provide feasibility, to get sign-off, or to raise investment. 

A-ONE’s Mechanical Engineering Services:

  • Concept drawings, 3D renders, orthographic models
  • Enclosure design, electro-me­chanical design, 3D printed parts
  • Light pipe design, ultrasonic welding, injection moulding
  • Tooling review, design for assembly, BOM assessment


A-ONES’s Electrical and PCB Design Services:

  • Technology analysis, architectures, block diagrams, sensor selection
  • Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Beagleboard prototyping
  • Circuit Design, schematic capture, PCB layout
  • Testing and Design Verification: FCC, CE, EMC, safety & environmental requirements

A-ONE combines our manufacturing excellence, our deep engineering know-how, and our years of substantive experience to accelerate product development for our customers.