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BrewJacket is a consumer, home-brewing device with commercial-grade controls of fermentation to create multiple types of alcoholic beverages. The device incorporates multiple add-ons and gadgets to create the perfect brews without the need for larger appliances like refrigerators. The BrewJacket team approached A-ONE for assistance in prototyping, manufacturing consultation, and Kickstarter campaigning.

About the Device

The BrewJacket team had approached A-ONE for help to bring the Immersion Pro fermenter to life by prototyping the device’s cooling system to accommodate for the different types of temperatures required for the brews. A-ONE was able to incorporate the team’s patented design of a solid-state cooling system that is able to pump heat out of the brew by using small, heat exchange chips that rapidly move heat from one side to the other thereby creating a heat vacuum using 90w of electricity. The cold side is to a hard-anodized, heat transfer rod that submerges into the fermented brew as the hot side is connected to a heat sink on top of the device. When powered on, the cooling engine rapidly pulls heat from the beer and out the heat sink on top of the device allowing for controlled temperatures.

How A-One Helped Brew Jacket

The BrewJacket team had then created a Kickstarter campaign in 2014 and approached A-ONE for help to reach their original goal of raising $40,000. The team wanted to make sure that they were able to keep their prices affordable for home-brewers, yet also maintain a level of quality for the materials used to produce the devices. Over 375 Kickstarter backers pledged over $100,000.

A-ONE was able to consult with the BrewJacket team on the best moldings and plastics to use for their device and were able to meet the expectations of the Kickstarter backers. The BrewJacket team’s success was amplified by A-ONE’s management and sufficiency that: “they literally take care of everything and we just write a check.” (Aaron Walls, founder & CEO)

The Results

Since the success of the BrewJacket device, the team has created a new consumer device that A-ONE has further supported and continues to have a relationship with the BrewJacket team to further consult with manufacturers in China and prototype.