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Copper: the smart upgrade for Point-of-Sale (POS). The Copper Cord is a plug-and-play cable that modernizes legacy POS systems to power secure and contactless payments, multi-location insights and analytics, streamlined online ordering, and customer loyalty and rewards.

About the Device

Copper provides a POS, plug and play cable that enables contactless payment in table service restaurants. It is a smart cable that replaces the existing printer cable in a merchant’s POS system. In a matter of milliseconds, the Copper Cord parses the item-level transaction data in transit, sends it to the cloud, and injects a QR code at the bottom of the receipt that a server delivers to the table.

How A-One Helped Copper

A-ONE and Copper collaborated to successfully bring this product to market by using A-ONE’s experience in manufacturing, prototyping, and sourcing to quickly help Copper improve their manufacturing techniques and create a better product. The team was able to coordinate with a fellow product development firm, Breadware, to help develop the PCBA.

The Results

Using A-ONE’s extensive network, both teams are able to source any number of components, create OEM quality cables, prototype any part, and produce parts all on a start-up timeline.

Whether you’re looking for a production quote or early-stage assessment, A-ONE can support your initiative.

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