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CoWorkr is a data-driven platform that utilizes sensors and a user-friendly design to measure and stream live seat and room occupancy with embedded privacy features.

About the Device

The sensors needed to be encapsulated within a sleek and inconspicuous design to be placed within multiple rooms of a building. The CoWorkr team had needed only a small batch of sensors to deploy and needed it to be delivered within a quick turnaround.

How A-One Helped CoWorkr

A-ONE and the CoWorkr team had worked together on the enclosure’s design and determining the material to be used. The A-ONE team was able to design the final design, determine the materials, and produce 50 encasements for CoWorkr.

The Results

CoWorkr contacts A-ONE when needing advice on the communications and encasements of the sensors. They plan to work with A-ONE again when needing a small, quick production run of their next project.