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Backing accidents are linked to 500 deaths and 15,000 injuries per year. In fact, one of every four accidents can be blamed on poor backing techniques. When entrepreneur George Owens realized this danger, he set out to solve it.

About the Device

SpotterCone is a pair of translucent plastic cones that lay out laser beams to guide a driver while backing up. When the vehicle reaches its desired location, the cone uses sonar to sense the vehicle’s position and indicates to the driver that it’s time to stop. The device powers-up using lithium-ion batteries and Micro-USB cable that most consumers can easily charge within their vehicles.

How A-One Helped SpotterCone

A-ONE was consulted from start to finish in helping choose the right materials, prototype, quality test the device, as well as help pitch it to savvy investors. A-ONE was able to suggest for the device to be made of Nylon 66, a popular choice for automotive applications as well as a rugged design that could fit with the product’s promise to outlast and function in all-weather conditions. A-ONE also was able to help Owens certify the product with the guidelines and requirements of the U.S Department of Transportation.


A-ONE was able to utilize their connections and their specialization in Chinese-manufacturing in Shenzhen to assure production and choosing the right battery. Assembly was completed within the same factory as the surface-mount technology (SMT).

The Results

A-ONE has served further for Owens by pitching it to investors that were able to invest further in the SpotterCone.