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Wayzn is a smart automatic door opener for pets. In minutes, you can convert your existing sliding door into an automatic pet door without any permanent damage or adjustments to your home. Integrating motion activation and IoT at a lower cost than the competition takes knowledge of the technology and manufacturing processes.

About the Device

The Wayzn device provides a quick, no-hassle solution for automating a door to let a dog go in or out. It involves a motor and an IR  sensor that will automatically open the door when a dog walks up to it. This allows for a dog to have more freedom and reduces the amount of time a person has to spend letting the dog in or out.

How A-One Helped Wayzn

Using A-ONE’s oversea’s team, A-ONE worked with Wayzn to validate suppliers, improve and validate the mechanical design, and produce quality plastic injected parts. The A-ONE team was able to work with several engineering firms to help prototype the device and prepare it for mass production for the great demand from Indiegogo!

The Results

Wayzn has seen commercial success and was hailed as the 2020 CES Innovation Award Honoree and won the CTA Mark of Excellence Award for Emerging Technology. The company is expanding its original concept and mission to excel in the smart home industry with its work in Wayzn Pet Tag and Wayzn for Windows.

Whether you’re looking for a production quote or early-stage assessment, A-ONE can support your initiative.

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