CNC Machining

At A-ONE, we use computer numerical control (CNC) machining as a cost-effective method for creating superior quality rapid prototypes, from either plastic or metal, without using expensive tooling. Through this process, your parts will have tighter tolerances, along with improved surface finishes, when compared to other prototyping methods. Our prototypes can also be fashioned to be fully functional, with flat surfaces and threaded and tapped holes. We have professional machinists who can produce milled parts from a wide range of metal and plastic materials.

Our advanced equipment at A-ONE offers several CNC machine services including the following:

  • Milling
  • Turning
  • Electric discharge machining (EDM)
  • Wire-cut EDM
  • Surface grinding

How Does CNC Work?

CNC machining is what is called a “subtractive process”. During manufacturing, raw material is removed via precise cutting tools, and thus a product is created. Using your specifications and design, software controls the equipment to create the part. Our experienced machinists and engineers program the machining equipment to fine-tune the product by adjusting for the right surface finish and final tolerance. CNC machining is also used in plastic injection molding of parts and for molding tools.

CNC Machining: The Advantages

CNC machining can be used for a wide range of product development projects and needs.

Some of the advantages of using this method include the following:

  • Cost-effective
  • Extremely accurate and repeatable
  • Highly scalable, for just one part to 100,000
  • Large amounts of metal can be removed quickly
  • Low tooling and preparation costs
  • Quick turnaround

Suitable for a variety of substrates

With CNC machining, you have an extensive assortment of finishing services for your prototypes and parts, plus our stringent quality assurance process which guarantees you’ll always receive a high-quality product.

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